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Homeoproteins platform as disease modying therapies

BrainEver has been co-founded by Bernard Gilly (iBionext Network), Alain Prochiantz (Collège de France, Paris, France) and others in March 2015.

BrainEver innovative therapeutic strategy is a translation of the work by Alain Prochiantz and colleagues on brain development and physiology. They demonstrated that homeoproteins, first identified as early developmental regulators, are also active throughout life and control several neuronal functions, including metabolism and epigenetic stability.

BrainEver makes the hypothesis that, in patients, homeoprotein administration could durably modify the physiological resistance of surviving neurons while increasing their activity, thus leading to the improvement of clinical symptoms.

Different homeoproteins that could be important in different neurodegenerative pathologies are being explored, the most advanced being Engrailed 1 (BREN01) for the treatment of Parkinson Disease.